The Juanita Center LLC Director

My name is G. Raymond McCullough. I am the director, counselor, and motivational coach of the Juanita Center LLC. I have over 37 years of experience counseling individuals who have been impacted by alcohol, drug, and associated behavioral problems. Click to see a summary of my professional experience.

I counsel adult professionals who come from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, athletes, teachers, and construction and factory workers. Additionally, I have vast experience counseling lower-income individuals, parolees, chemically addicted pregnant women, adolescents and seniors, and members of the United States military and their families.

I am certified in the state of Washington as a Chemical Dependency Professional and hold National Certification as an Addictions Counselor and as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) through the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors.

The Juanita Center LLC is my private practice. Each person who is chemically dependent or who is abusing alcohol and/or other drugs has specific needs and unique circumstances related to his or her substance abuse and/or addiction. I offer individualized and solution-focused care in a confidential setting. I engage people in the process of their own recovery, leading them to confront the beliefs and behaviors that keep them stuck in a dysfunctional and often destructive lifestyle. I employ various cognitive and behavioral interventions and support every individual with encouragement
and positive reinforcement, leading to a new sense of self
and purpose.

My goal is to teach lifelong coping skills to enable individuals to effectively manage stress and their emotions. Under my guidance and care, each person will lay the foundations for a future that is healthy, stable, and substance free.

My ultimate vision of The Juanita Center LLC is to be recognized as 1) a center of excellence for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and counseling and 2) as the leader and preferred provider for outpatient drug and alcohol counseling in the North King, Snohomish, and South Island County areas.

Please call me to schedule a consultation.